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The Wealth Academy is the premier financial membership site for bold ambitious trailblazers just like you who are ready to take their finances to the next level. You work hard for your money and now it's time you learn how to make your money work hard for you.  

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Here's Why You Should Join!

You Are An Incredibly Ambitious Go-Getter.

Whether you're a high powered planner or a flawless free spirit, you have big dreams. Deep down, you know that you are destined for greatness, but sometimes you feel like you have no idea how to make it all happen. 

But don't worry, if that sounds like you then you're in the right place. This program is big enough to handle your dreams. We believe you deserve to be living your best life right now, in the moment... while you also plan to have the future you dream about. 

You Are Ready For a Plan That Works.

Financial advisers and coaches don't want to admit one obvious fact: Budgeting alone doesn't work. Over 70% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck and 62% don't even have $500 in the bank. Somehow we've failed to offer a financial process that works with human behavior instead of against it... until now.

The Millennial Wealth Academy is designed with the everyday person in mind. We know you have big lives and even bigger financial goals. We've created a step-by step financial transformation system that helps you create a solid financial foundation while mastering money management.

Because You Know You Need Support.

Over the years we have supported hundreds of young professionals on their journey to financial freedom. Here are some examples of obstacles our clients typically face...

- "Creating a budget that will help me be financially responsible while still having fun."

- "Paying down student loan debt when I have so many other things I want to do."

- "Buying my first home even though I already have other debt."

- "Investing without worrying that the market is going to crash and screw me over."

- "Traveling with friends and family without feeling guilty that I'm not planning for the future."

- "Feeling confident that I am doing everything I need to do to live the life I want. Not just for right now, but in the future too."

Wealth Academy Membership Options

We recommend that you select the membership option that matches your income range because it is optimized to serve you where you are. However, you are welcome to select the option that you believe best meets your financial needs. 

Gold Membership:
For Income Range: $30,000 - $35,000

A do it yourself membership plan for people with big dreams and small pockets (for now). Get the guidance and accountability you need to start planning, saving, and investing for your future, even if you're on a tight budget. This includes:

  • 24/7 access to our financial membership portal ($97/mo)
  • Monthly Office Hours and Strategy Sessions ($197.00/mo)
  • Bonus quick start challenges ($47.00)
  • Exclusive step by step financial blueprints ($297.00/mo)
  • Access to millionaire mentor trainings + experts ($197.00/mo)

Value: $835
Investment: $47/mo or Lifetime $297

Platinum Membership: Most Popular
For Income Range: $35,000 - $55,000

A membership plan that offers one on one support to help you confidently set and reach your savings goals with a clear automated strategy. This plan focuses on helping you maximize your savings and putting it on autopilot. This includes:

  • Everything in the Gold Membership
  • 1:1 strategy session to map out your savings plan ($497)
  • Automated savings plan to ensure financial success
  • 30-Day Wealth Infusion Plan ($297)
  • Lifetime Wealth Academy Membership ($297)

Value: $1,911
Investment: $497 (3 Month Payment Plan Available)


Diamond Membership: 
For Income Range: $55,000 +

Let us do all the hard work for you to create an automated savings and investment plan that makes your money work for you. If you run a business (or would like to start one) don't worry, we will look at that too.  Ultimately we will create an entire financial system that works no matter what you're doing. This includes:

  • Everything in Platinum Membership
  • Personalized Financial Success Systems ($497)
  • Automated Savings and Invest Plan to ensure financial growth ($997)
  • 1:1 strategy sessions per quarter for 6 months ($788)
  • Revenue Infusion Plan for business owners ($500)
  • Unlimited laser coaching ($997)

Value: $5,690
Investment: $997 (3 Month Payment Plan Available)